“Both our kids have been treated by Dr. Ritu Jacob for a few years now, for orthodontic corrections. Dr. Ritu Jacob is an amazing person and a true expert in her field. One child has already completed the treatment and the results are amazing. Dr Jacob’s patience, technology, thoughtfulness and passion are admirable. The best validation is that the kids are quite happy to visit Dr. Jacob and accept the treatment; so unlike the traditional image that a visit to the dentist is very painful. Dr. Jacob has a great team assisting her. Another reason we are happy with Dr. Jacob is that she is always accessible, easy to book appointments and she adheres to the time scheduled for us. Wishing Dr. Ritu Jacob and her team the very best. Wish all kid’s dentists were like her.”

Rostow Ravanan
CEO and Managing Director 

“Dr. Ritu is a pure professional. One of the most caring and thoughtful people out there. Despite me not being the most regular at my appointments, she always guided me to get the best possible outcome for me and my teeth. She makes sure that you are never uncomfortable or bored in your chair and will check in with you every step of the way. Once when I had mentioned that my lips were drying out and the braces were poking me, she immediately gave me a bottle of Vaseline and a box of gel to apply on the braces.

Best dentist I can think of and would not dream of going anywhere else.”

Harsha Sunder

“Dr. Jacob has to be the most entertaining & brilliant orthodontist ever. Her professionalism & undoubted care for her patients is commendable. She is available at any time and is extremely helpful & approachable. Having had 2 children who needed braces, I can say with confidence that Dr. Ritu Jacob is the orthodontist to go to. My experience with her has been terrific and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of braces.”

Mrs. Anjana Lamba

“I met Dr. Ritu multiple times before I decided to get braces. She answered all my questions patiently and told me the process would take 2 years but, it would definitely be worth it! This was in 2013. Every time I visited her I could see change. When I got my braces removed in 2015, I couldn't believe how amazing my teeth looked. I continue to go for regular check-ups and each time she welcomes me with a smile.

Dr. Ritu, you are very dedicated and understand your patients’ needs. I had put my trust in your hands and it has been a pleasure to know you. I smile with confidence and owe it to you. All the best! :)”

Rashmi Jayanth

“Dear Doctor, this is to thank you for taking care of my child for an entire year and bringing a big smile not just on her face but our entire family. My association with you for the past year has been nothing but pleasant. Like every parent I was very concerned and not quite sure about the entire procedure.

But with every visit we felt more comfortable and assured. I must mention that your team was also very prompt and accommodating. Each time Ahana had the slightest pain and discomfort, I would call you on your mobile and you were absolutely reachable. That's usually never the case given the nature of your profession. I truly appreciate it.

Thank you for your patience and for treating my daughter like a buddy, and hope you spread your warmth and smile always.”

Sunali Advani

“I would highly recommend Dr. Ritu Jacob to anyone who needs orthodontic help. She has provided wonderful treatment and care beyond requirement for my son.

She was very professional and at the same time very patient and understanding with him. Put him at ease right from his first appointment. The staff at the clinic were also very friendly and courteous. The ambiance at the clinic is very relaxing with soothing music, tastefully done decors and books for both adults and kids. A high standard of hygiene is maintained at the clinic.”

Anita Lopez

“Dr. Ritu Jacob has been more than a doctor to us! We started as clients and have ended up as friends!! My kids Anirudh and Kavya had their braces done there as kids and now they have even more beautiful smiles. She is gentle and caring, at the same time professional. They had fun picking out rubber bands and loved the surprises like strawberry flavoured mould, etc.

Her office is warm, friendly and works around kids’ busy schedules. They are very accommodating in times of emergencies like broken caps, lost retainers and unscheduled appointments. My only regret is that I've never been able to finish a magazine as the wait time was always short ;)

Without a shadow of doubt I highly recommend Dr. Ritu Jacob for any and all orthodontic care!! She offers professionalism with the atmosphere of visiting a friend. Thank you Dr. Ritu.”

Viji Jonnavithula

“It was sometime back in 2008, if my memory serves me right, that I was referred to Dr. Ritu by a family friend. I had bad teeth and hence low self-esteem. We finally scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ritu, who firstly, came across as a very warm person and a thorough professional (she gave me a tooth bracelet after my consultation, so cool!). It has been 9 years since, and I couldn't be happier with the results! She has been extremely instrumental in my oral health shaping up, not to mention, I have a picture perfect smile :) I strongly recommend seeing Dr. Ritu Jacob, for she has immense expertise and vast knowledge of what she does. Thanks doc!”

Padmashree Ramamurthy

“I have been visiting Dr. Ritu over several years now and can confidently say she is the only orthodontist in Bangalore whom I would trust. She has an excellent bedside manner, is patient and detailed in her explanations, and a careful listener. Her expert work has left me with a more confident smile. Thank you doc!”

Arvind R

“Thank you Dr. Ritu for setting Manavi's tooth right. For a child who hates the visit to a doctor or a dentist, you made her feel so comfortable and fearless during the procedure and many sittings. And as parents we have always admired your calm and caring approach while working with an 8 year old. Thank you for your wonderful work!!”


“Dr Ritu Jacob has truly given my daughter Iksha Shetty a perfect smile! I am grateful for the very comfortable treatment she had throughout.”

Naina Shetty

“Dear Dr. Ritu, It has been a great experience to get the treatment done from you. Given the fact that I have other health problems, my treatment went very smoothly. I will strongly recommend you to anyone who would like to go for braces.

I must say that u have been very gentle while handling things with me. Thank you.”

Kanika Bapat

“My daughter Ditya had a stubborn thumb sucking habit from an early age and as a result has a protrusion of her upper teeth and the gums. I tried all measures, both traditional and non-traditional! But alas she just would not stop it!

It was almost a year back that we visited Dr. Ritu Jacob. She tried with the milder version of her treatment with exercises and positive reinforcement, etc. The habit seemed too hard coded!

She then changed the approach to check on this factor through an appliance. It failed the first time. While we were all disappointed the Doc didn't give up! She kept the beautiful smile as a goal and kept encouraging Ditya.

The second time around the treatment seemed to have worked! The habit has gone after almost 7 years. Several conversations and dialogues with Ditya and me helped us to reach a bit closer to the goal.

Doctor’s personalized approach, her expertise and single minded determination to just make it work is nothing less than magic for us. Ditya and I look forward to our follow ups with her, her gorgeous smile and kind words. A BIG THANK YOU!”

Mrs. Joyeeta

“I have been coming to Dr Ritu Jacob since 2014 for my older one Meghna and then for my son Akash.

Dr Ritu is very accomodating and she does not complain when we change or shift around her appointments. Her chamber is always spick & span. Her staff greet us very pleasantly. All in all I will recommend her to anyone wanting to get that perfect smile.

Thank you Dr Ritu.”

Ananta Shroff

“Finding a good dentist is one of the most painful things about moving to a new city, especially when it’s for your kid who needs braces. I don’t recall who recommended Dr Ritu to me, all those years ago, but whoever it was has my gratitude. It’s funny to talk of dentist visits as being pleasant, but that’s what she and her team have made possible.

The clinic is a beautiful space, efficient and cheerful. Dr Ritu combines technical competence with a charming chairside manner and an interest in her patients’ needs. I can’t believe that the years have flown by and my son’s treatment is done. Thanks Doctor, for the great experience.”

Radhika Chadha

“Thank you Dr Ritu Jacob for a wonderful experience! It's been a pleasure watching the transformation in Amartya's smile over the months. You have done a fantastic job and I appreciate the professionalism with which you did it. No long waits at your office, meaning you valued our time....Reminder calls...Your interaction with us every time to explain progress....All served to make it something that Amartya and I looked forward to!

Visits to the dentist can be every child and parent’s nightmare, thank you for making every one of our visits short and sweet! I'm a very happy mom!

We wish you all the best going forward!”

Dr. Maya Menon

“We feel fortunate to have Dr. Ritu Jacob taking care of our son's dental needs. Right from day 1 to the present, for over 1.5 years, Dr. Ritu Jacob has painstakingly worked through each gap and twist in the dental profile of the patient. The results of the transformation are very clear for all of us to see. Right from the day she took the first dental mould and portrait, she has worked tirelessly at a microscopic level to fine tune the shaping of each tooth with the end objective of bringing about a wonderful smile. Thank You, Dr. Ritu Jacob for providing such professional and personal attention during every visit.”

Vinodh Soundarajan

“Dr. Ritu made me feel that I was in safe hands.

I was 18 years old and my teeth were overcrowded at the top. My canine teeth were overlapping on both sides. It was very embarrassing to smile as a lot of people referred to it as “Vampire teeth” and made fun of me. One day listening to my concern a friend of mine recommended me to Dr. Ritu Jacob and told me that she is a specialised orthodontist. I had various thoughts in my head as I was already 18 and I wasn’t sure if the treatment would work for me but I decided to meet her anyway.

I still remember the day I first met Dr. Ritu, she made me feel that I was in safe hands and assured me that I will be able to smile without a second thought once again. Her professionalism and care towards me motivated me each day. I appreciated her constant follow-up and willingness to answer all my questions. My treatment went for about 3 years where I wore braces and frequently visited her.

Today, I am complimented for my smile and I am truly grateful to have met Dr. Ritu and I believe that was one of the best decisions of my life. A big thank you for changing my life Dr. Ritu.

Kuddos!!! Dr. Ritu hope you continue to treat others and make them smile confidently!”

Nidhi Bisaria
Vodafone UK Account
DXC Technology