First Visit

Dr. Ritu Jacob, Orthodontist Bangalore , Specialist in Braces Bangalore

Your first visit to the Dental office will be a preliminary examination for you or your child.
Here is a normal sequence of events starting from your first visit to the clinic.


  • During your first visit, we will discuss your concerns and treatment possibilities. Dr. Ritu will perform a thorough orthodontic examination and will make recommendations as to the need and/or timing of treatment.

  • If treatment is recommended, further diagnostic records will be taken. Complete diagnostic records typically include impressions of the teeth for study models, digital photos and x-rays. This information is used to develop a custom treatment plan for each patient. These records are also helpful in tracking the progress of treatment.

  • Once the doctor has all the diagnostic records, these are entered into specific orthodontic software and the doctor arrives at a diagnosis and prepares a customized treatment plan.

  • The patient and parents (If the patient is a minor) are called for a “ Discussion”. This usually takes about 45 minutes .The doctor will discuss the problem, the treatment options, time taken for treatment and the cost of treatment. All queries regarding the treatment are answered in detail during this appointment.

  • If a decision is made to go ahead with the treatment, a subsequent appointment is made to start treatment.


We look forward to meeting you !